Data Center, Cloud and Security in the spotlight !

For the IT manager and the company boss, technological innovation appears as one of the major keys to get in position in front of competition and therefore self-establish in an always more globalized and competitive market. And who talks about technological innovation necessarily also thinks about new information and communication technologies (ICT).

Today, in facts, ICT clearly is not monolithic or confined to organization perimeter anymore, but is now declined in always more flexible, decentralized and opened on external world infrastructures. This explains the incessantly growing success of cloud approaches, is it for private, hybrid or public use. Otherwise, the henceforth essential mobility in any economic activity imposes firms to make their platforms accessible any time and from everywhere, for intern collaborators as much as for commercial partners (clients, suppliers, etc.). And this openness inevitably implies an important dimension of security, even more as hacking and sensitive data robbery bring companies to take always more radical measures, sometimes to the cost of flexibility.

To apprehend those evolutions and understand ICT’s big stakes, Mark-Com Event offers on May 31st 2018 in Namur Expo the 2018 ICT Infrastructure trade show, an event exclusively dedicated to Data Center, Cloud and Security themes. This event builds up on 2017 ICT Infrastructure Forum in May 2017 in Palais des Congrès of Namur and on 2017 Security Forum that took place in the end of last October in Château Bayard of Dhuy (Namur).


François Vajda, organizer : « This event strives after bringing to french-speaking company managers a pragmatic answer to their questions by introducing the last technological progressions in the field of Data Center, Cloud and Security, along with making possible meetings with ground actors likely to guide them in their process. ICT Infrastructure 2018 emphasis will be put on the practical dimension of the ground pragmatic approach. »

This 2018 ICT Infrastructure will offer high level thematic reports as much as several leader on the market suppliers presentations. In parallel, a trade show will enable visitors to discover the main ICT market actors’ technological innovations.

Otherwise, the choice of Namur Expo, with its access and parking facilities, will offer to the attendees the possibilty of optimizing their precious time by putting in the same place technical solutions, local actors and main users.
In parallel to this 2018 ICT Infrastructure will also stand in Namur Expo the IoT & Mobility event, dedicated to the Internet of objects and different applications of connected objects in several fields such as industry, transports, public sector (intelligent cities, etc.) and health among others. Similarly, the last developments in the fields of mobile and intelligent networks will be introduced.